What is Gifted?

Gifted is an entrepreneureal platform for kids. We are creating the tools to empower children to run their own online businesses. They will learn critical skills for tomorrow's competitive marketplace and do good at the same time. That is, using the internet to be resourceful, responsible and charitable.

How does it work?

With some help from their families, kids sell unused household items through their own online shops. All proceeds go to their schools to fund critical needs such as art programs, science labs, teaching assitants and much needed capital improvements.

Here are the critical skills kids will learn while having fun running their shop:

 Setting Goals

Teaching children to set and achieve their goals is one of the most important lessons for future entrepreneurs. We are 80% more likely to succeed when a goal has been set.

 Recognizing Value

Learning what things are worth and who needs them is a crucial part of running a successful business. Getting this part of the equation right will make all of the difference in meeting their goals.

 Inspiring Creativity

Grown-ups call it Marketing and its one of the most essential skills required to be succeed. In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to stand out with great photos, descriptions and messages to customers.

 Forging Resilience

Not every product sells right away…that is a great lesson in itself. If something isn’t selling, its time to change your picture, rewrite that post, and resend it. Not reaching your goal? Let’s broaden your network – or try focusing on a single person instead.

 Building Confidence

We believe that independent activity, even with a parent’s supervision, will help to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Learning to be independent, instead of having other’s around them make things happen for them, is a powerful lesson.